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I wrote a poem, When Fear Knocks on My Window, yesterday and showed it to a friend, Rupa. Actually I wrote the poem because she wanted me to show her some of my poems. As I was too lazy to dig out my scattered files, I thought I’d just make one.

I showed the poem to her and she gave me a reply to it, which I find really amusing and fantastic and which I’m delighted to share with you all.

Rupa’s reply

Fear knocking at your window
when your spirit is low?
No, no, I think it’s too beware
to knock at your door.
Just peeping through your window,
not yet ready to give a blow
for you are being protected
safe and sound
with ample courage,
knowledge proufound!

Your little mind is freezing,
with limbs numb and heart racing!!!
Aha… sheer paralysing.
Thought it is!!!
Let it come and go!

It’s only a low feeling
that makes you feel bow down
and you said you can hear the alarm
ring ding dong, ding ding dong!!!

The charm is broken, when words are spoken.
Hurray!!! Here you are staring at fear
Face to face with eyes firm open!!!

You choose to fight
with courage and delight!!!