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Saturday, 20 April 2013, we were going for a picnic by the beach!

My father was home and was willing to drive us to Balekambang beach in southern part of Malang. Early in the morning my mother and I started to prepare some dishes and condiments to bring to the beach. My sister had gone to school. It was a shame that she couldn’t not go with us to the beach.

I’ll give you a little information about Balekambang beach. This beach is located in South Malang, in Bantur District to be exact. It has white sands and 3 small islands; Ismoyo, Anoman and Wisanggeni. In Wisanggeni Island there’s a Hindu temple called Pura Luhur Amertha Jati. This temple makes Wisanggeni look like Pura Tanah Lot, Bali.

Hindu Temple at Balekambang Beach

Hindu Temple at Balekambang Beach

The journey took 2 hours from Kepanjen. The road was good enough , though a little small. There were many rice fields and sugarcane plantations on the way. I was sleeping almost all the way as I was quite tired. When we reached the beach, there were so many people and a group of Aremania (Arema Football Club Suporters). It was a bright sunny day that day. I’m not a keen beach person, so I shied away from the sun and tried to keep myself in the shades. Andhin, Astrid and I went to explore the beach a little and let my parents have time together.

The three of us then prefered to sit in the shade, away from the scorching sun until we felt hungry. When we were hungry we tried to find my parents so that we could have our picnic lunch together by the beach, while enjoying the blowing wind, two tones of blue meeting at the horizon and the sound of the crashing waves.