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I was walking home late at night. I love walking on the street at night because most of the time I use the moment to ponder on things. Some motor vehicles were passing by. I kept walking accompanied by the sound of my shoes against the pavement. Some things started to form in my mind. That time it was “Everything Happens for A Reason.”

I was once in a very comfortable state. I was so comfortable until I was unintentionally putting off  some dreams. When the comfortable situation came to an end, those dreams started to running around in my mind again, like requesting me to be chased, to be fulfilled. I’ve been doing it. I started to look into the old forgotten dreams. Now, when I look inside, I can see that I am on my way in pursuing them, step by step, bit by bit.

I then started questioning myself. What if I were still in the comfort zone? I would not have started moving to realise those dreams. I would have been too comfortable to take them up. I would not have met new people. I would not have done what I’m doing now. I would have just filled my time, eyes, and days with him. I would not have known how far I could endure, how to forgive, how to love, how to set free, and so much more other valuable lessons.

I came to conclusion that sometimes life brings you to a down turn only to bring you higher than before. I am grateful to Allah to give me a chance to liven up my life, to learn from the past, and to dash forward.  When something bad happens, I’ll just try to make the best of it as I know that I can’t control how things run, but I can control my reactions under certain circumstances. Inshaa Allah.