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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #35

Honestly not many photos I made for the 35th week of FWPP. I’d been very occupied at work the last 2 weeks and will still be busy till end of March.

So many noises and things were running in my mind. Everything seemed so blurry. I couldn’t sort things in my mind. Everything was tangled into a complicated knot which clogged my mind, my soul, my emotion. I felt restless, helpless, and peevish.

In The Atitude of Silence The Soul Sees Clearer Light

Luckily my office organised kind of workshop to reduce stress. I joined the workshop in which I learned to silent the noises in my mind. Then after I was able to listen to myself and to understand myself better.

If you’re confused and feel so many things happening in your mind, silence them then listen to them one by one. In the silence the voices sounds sharper and louder.