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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #34

When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere

I arranged a visit to Ereveld Menteng Pulo and Ereveld Ancol on the 12th February, 2011. There were 4 friends out of 7 who could make it to visit these cemeteries managed by the Netherlands War Graves Foundation (Oorlogsgravenstichting).

The cemeteries are beautiful, well taken care of. Yet, to me they “sing” sad songs. Song of love, song of separation, song of terror, song of war. In the tranquil cemeteries with their rich intertwined histories, I remember of life, love, humanity, peace, death.

Life is not always easy. It’s not always rosy. It can be chaotic. But life is always worth living, despite all the tumults and problems. As life always renews itself. It always rolls like unbroken circle. Life doesn’t cease to grow.