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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #33

I went with 12 Couchsurfing friends to Taman Safari in Cisarua, Bogor. Different from the previous visit, this time we planned to take the trekking adventure instead of taking a bus to get around the Park.

We took the economy AC train of 07.29 am, which costs Rp. 5,500,  so that we would arrive early at Taman Safari as the trekking is only open from 8 to 11 am. We arrived at Bogor train station around 9 am. The plan was to get a mikrolet (mini van) to Sukasari, then from there to take another 2 mikrolets to reach Taman Safari. With regard of the tight remaining time, we decided to rent a mikrolet to directly take us to the Park. After difficult negotiation with the driver, finally he gave us the rental price of Rp. 350,000/- for return journey. Not bad.

We reached Taman Safari approximately at 10.30 am. After buying the tickets for Safari trekking (Rp. 30,000/person), we got introduced to our guide. A handsome young man called Haris. He asked whether we would take the Kancil (Java mouse-deer) route -the short route- or Macan Tutul (leopard) route -the long route. Being somewhat a bit arrogant after experiencing difficult and long trekking to Baduy, we took the long route, that is 9 km. The route isn’t a difficult one. There are steps and paved trek. It was a disappointing trekking experience for 2 reasons: 1) the trekking route isn’t challenging enough; 2) we couldn’t see any animals, except the bulls and white lion, which we saw from so far a distance that we could hardly differentiate it from stones.

The Tourist and The Guide

Hence after finishing Kancil route, we decided to enter the Park to get a closer look of the animals. Look whom we’ve met!

The Red Haired Lady

We also met Mr. Gibbon, who is so playful and friendly. He wasn’t put in an enclosure. Instead he was roaming around the park. As free as a bird. Almost.

Where The Future Will Bring Me?

I had the chance to meet the handsome birds. The penguins.

Trio in Tuxedo

Swim in the blue

Also met the (once) airborne kings. Hawks.

Look Into My Eyes

Ferocious Enough, Eh?

How to get there?

From Jakarta, driving your private car is the most convenient way to go around Taman Safari. Yet if you don’t have a car or if you want to add a little bit of adventure to your journey there, follow this how-to-get-there guidance.

By train

  • Take train from Jakarta to Bogor. Click here for the train schedules;
  • From Bogor Station, take mikrolet 02 to Sukasari. From Sukasari take another mikrolet 02 to Cisarua;
  • Get off at pertigaan (T-junction) Simpang Taman Safari and take another mikrolet to Taman Safari.

By bus

  • Take a bus of from Kampung Rambutan bus station;
  • Get off at pertigaan (T-junction) Simpang Taman Safari;
  • Take the mikrolet to Taman Safari.