Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #25-27

Finally I reached week #25-27 with this blog, not so much to catch up anymore.

I Love to Travel Far Away Just to Relax

I always love cat. From kittens till big cats who rule jungle and savanna. This tiger looks so majestic, isn’t he?

Fun facts about tigers:

  • A tiger’s territory may cover up to 100 sq km.
  • Though a tiger can walk a long distance, just like other cats it  can spend up to 18 hours sleeping.
  • Most tigers have around 100 stripes.
  • Tigers do not purr and they are very good swimmer. Duh! I’m thinking my little “tiger” at home who is so reluctant to get wet but purrs a lot.
  • They are loners with the exception of when they are courting, mating, or raising their offspring.
  • The largest of tiger species is Siberian tiger.
  • White tigers are result of a genetic mutation, thus they are extremely rare in the wild.

If Life Is Just Black and White

If life were only black and white with no shade of grey, we’d have seen things clearly. No doubts, no hesitation. It would have been yes or no, good or bad. It would have been a simple life.

It’s Raining Outside

Do you still remember how intoxicating it could be to dance under the rain when we were a child?
Do you still remember how fascinating it was to splash brown muddy puddle of water?
Do you still remember how free our soul was under the rain as a child?

Yet, when we grew older we tend to rush when the sprinkle of water starts to fall down. Why? Because we mind our clothes being wet or dirty? Because we are afraid of falling sick? Now when we are older, bigger, we are less free. We worry more. We are (probably) less happy than we were as a child.

Let go off all the worries as life comes with so much to offer. So much to enjoy. Thus, when it’s rain outside, don’t hesitate to go in the rain and feel the drips of water sooth your skin.

Don’t be afraid to set your soul free, to let the burden fall off your back.