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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #18

Week 18 fell on 24th October 2010. It was my birthday. The theme for that day was one. Why one? I became 28 that day. 2+8=10, 1+0=1. I wanted to make it as a personal touchstone, moreover after having got through tough time, struggling with myself. I felt truly relieved from something bitter from the past 2 days before my birthday. That day I came to a realization that I was happy the way I was and with myself. I was grateful for what I have and what I had had. I couldn’t stop smiling that night. Thus, I knew I was reborn!

Sunday morning, I had a plan to go to Ragunan Zoo with some friends to cycle. But when I just few steps away from home, they came to surprise me with some cupcakes and candles. The surprise was arranged by Ailsa, my best friend, who was having back ache that day, nevertheless she came to make up my day. Friends are priceless indeed.

Light A Candle of Understanding in Your Heart, Which Shall Not Be Put Out

Back to the plan, we went to Ragunan. Unfortunately Ailsa had to return home and had some rest, so only Heny, Astro and I were left. When we reached the zoo, there were no bike left to rent, so we decided to walk around the zoo, instead of  cycling. It was a nice bright day as bright as my heart 🙂

In Harmony

Beautiful in Green