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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #17

Just another long delay with updating the blog.

I have to reboot my memory to write what happened with my FWPP #17. Fortunately seeing the photos I took that time, refreshed my idle memory. Well… I happened to participate in Canon Photo Marathon 2010 on the 16th October, 2010 at Central Park. The first prize was going to Turkey for Canon Photo Clinic and Canon 7D. Mouth watering, eh? In total there were 2,113 photographers participating in the event.  It was pretty intimidating to see those who came and brought long fancy lenses and camera bag. So the “war” had been started long before the event started.

It was my first experience ever to follow such competition. I really didn’t have any picture in my mind of how it might go, what the theme were, the atmosphere, etc. I felt like someone who can’t swim but courageously (or stupidly) jump into deep water. Only after the event was officially opened, I found out the themes were architecture and lifestyle. Duh! Both were not familiar to me and weren’t my favourites. Every participants supposed to submit one photo with the theme of architecture and one of lifestyle.

So let’s see what I clicked with my humble camera.

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Besides the competition itself, there was photography coaching session by Arbain Rambey, a senior Kompas photographer. That session was kind of enlightenment for me.

In the evening the winners were announced. The photos of the finalists were also shown. Although I won nothing, not even one of so many door prizes,  I drew useful knowledge about architecture and lifestyle photography. Certainly I’ll participate in this kind of event again. Anyway, check out the winners here.