Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #14-16

I know… I know…. I was so very late in updating my blog. I won’t put on any excuses this time. I was just being lazy to write.

My 14th week FWPP was coincided with Flash Mob organised by Utine, a fellow Couchsurfers, on the 26th September 2010. I managed to take one picture of the building which I had been so keen to photograph. The building is new and has beautiful coloured glass. At the moment I took the picture of it. The sun light hit on the building and made beautiful glow.

There’s Always Light If You Search For It

The 15th FWPP coincided China Town tour arranged to welcome Amit, a Couchsurfers from Israel. At the market in China Town. I found many sellers of frog legs and even live frogs.I have never eaten frog and seeing them being sold in a inhumane way made me detest it.

Cruelty Happens to Everything

From the market we went to the temple.

Candles Row

Then to the Museum of Bank Indonesia.

A Creep Point of View

Arching Roof

In the afternoon we went to Jak-Japan Matsuri 2010 festival in Monas. It was raining the whole day. So we had some fun in the mud.

Let’s Get Dirty!

For more pictures, you may visit my Flickr.