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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #13

I was still in Malang. And I was still fascinated with how green my environment was. So all of the photos I took were dominated by green.

I took some shots with my sister at the sugarcane field. I love sugarcane. When I was a child I often chewed sugarcane until my tongue was hurt.

Where Am I?

These 2 photos were taken in the morning of the day when I returned to Jakarta.

Call Me Yellow

Music of Life

After having taken those photos, I had to go to the airport by travel service. My flight was at 5 pm from Juanda airport in Surabaya. They said they would pick me up at 11.30 am. But the car showed up nearly 2 pm. I was almost sure that I would miss my flight. I could keep myself cool because the travel service provide guarantee to the customers that they will bear any cost incurred to get us new flight. Moreover I didn’t mind spending few extra hours at home in the middle of my family. Well finally the travel service shifted my flight from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Waiting to Fly