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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #12

I’m a bit behind with updating my blog related to FWPP. I went to my hometown for Eid-al-Fitr holiday and stayed there for a week. Before I was so busy with work, was trying to finish everything before I went for holiday.

Well… Back at homeI really enjoyed my time and forgot, actually too lazy, to update this blog). I’m back to Jakarta now. Here I go again.

Malang, my hometown, is the second largest area in East Java after Surabaya. The area where my family live is still very green. There are flowing river, paddy field (sawah), and lot of trees. I often find exotic animals, like the blue bee I was able to captured with my camera.


Precious Blue Bee

Butterfly Beauty

I also tried splash photography, assisted by my little sister. It’s kind of tricky to do this kind of shoot. When I search on google, most of this kind of shoot requires some flash lights and trigger. I didn’t have all those. So I only used my camera and its built-in flash, tripod, and a lot of patience – to wipe all the water and try to drop the strawberry again and agian. I took 20’s shot and only get this one which I think is good enough.

Strawberry Splash