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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #11

I’d heard people talking about buying fresh cut-flower at Rawa Belong, in West Jakarta. They say the price is much cheaper than in florists. So I decided to make it my hunting field for the 11th FWPP. The hunt began when I searched the route to get there. It was not difficult to find the direction as it was provided at the market’s website. I heard that sometimes they had tulips (oh my God!) also. Tulip was my favourite flower, though I had never seen the real one.

At the first florist that I saw at the market, I saw tulip! They all were withered, but they were still lovely. Most of the flower sold there were roses of various colours, gerberas, chrysantemums, lilies, casablancas, and orchids.

Withered Tulip

But I didn’t buy the tulips, instead I bought a bouquet of magenta rose. I love magenta or fuchsia or any other name they call it. I planned to take photos with it.

Little Wild Flowers

At home I took some photos with some roses and to give the rest to the house owner where I stay.

Beauty and the Book

What’s Inside My Heart