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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #10

I Don’t Know What To Do

I was having no mood to go out of my room during the weekend. The house owner had fasting break dinner gathering on Saturday that takes place every Ramadan which is attended by the whole neighbourhood. It was actually kind of  fun to see people work together preparing the dishes. I helped a bit here and there with cooking and preparations.

At noon, while having a get away from the kitchen, I got an inspiration to do self-portrait. I’d wanted to do it earlier, but was thinking that I hadn’t got a remote to control my shutter. Anyway I didn’t have it yet, but tried to take the shots. My gears were: camera, tripod, folded umbrella (this was my dummy to set the focus before I had to run and pose in front of the camera). I eventually had to go back and forth many times (with the heels!!). From so many shots, the one above is my favourite, simply because the awkward placement of the legs, which I think describes confusion or uncertainty.

Doing this first attempt of self portrait really makes me put great appreciation for those self-portrait enthusiasts! Salute to those who are doing 365 self-portrait project!!  They’re having such great inspiration and patience to do this tiresome work.