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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #9

Sunday, 22nd my friends and I went to Waterbom in Pantai Indah Kapuk with some friends as they were giving great discount. We only had to pay Rp. 25,000/person, whereas the normal price is Rp. 180,000 for adult during the weekend. Even though I was fasting I directly agreed to join them – I was the only who was fasting.

When we arrived around 11 am when the sun was super bright, I directly spotted all must-to-do attractions: Aquatube, The Hairpin, Speed Slide, and The Whizzard. At first time I only tried all these with Gde as the other girls didn’t want to do it. It was great fun. I like all the attractions very much, but if I had to pick a favourite then it would have been the open Speed Slide as it was the only slide which didn’t require a buoy or mattress and on which I could slide with the speed of 70 km/hour and height of 20.7 m. Yeah… I like speed very much! It gave me many many butterflies in my stomach!

Speed Slide

The Whizzard


The Hairpin

Well well… where are the photos for my FWPP. Luckily I could found something which made nice subjects for this serie of FWPP: Colours.

Left Alone Beauty

Clash of the Colours

Lifestyle Items

For more photos on the 9th FWPP, you can check my Flickr.