Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #5

Saturday, 24th was World Wide Photo Walk Day. I didn’t go out with my camera that day, but promised myself that I would go out the next day, on Sunday to the business area of Jakarta. Actually I have no idea what to captured for my 4th FWPP as I did EOS Projects: A Day in My Life on Friday. So I had played a lot with my camera and had many keen models (read: my colleagues and friends) to pose for me.

So the story is….

Woke up at regular time,  5 am. After the prayer, got back to sleep and woke up again at 7 am. Had a quick look outside and found the gloomy sky. It was all white.

Tsk! It’s not gonna be a good background for my photos.

But as I have promised myself to go out and get photos plus this FWPP must go on, I was trying hard to motivate myself to go out.

I grabbed a bus and got off at the location where I think it will be great night scene. It is a fly over above a river where I can see groups of high rise buildings without a view blockage. It was only 9 am but the heat was already burning. I forgot to bring a hat and sunglasses.

Gosh! What am I doing here!

Took some shots, but not satisfied with most of them. So only this one is presentable in my opinion.

Turn Left

I then walked to the business district, the busiest district in Jakarta. Sudirman. It was very quiet as it was car-free day. Normally Sudirman is one of the streets with the worst traffic jam in Jakarta.

At the Same Point


It was very nice walking on Sudirman on a day like that day. Not much air pollution. Many people were cycling on the street. One remarkable bike was the shocking yellow one parked on a tree.


I kept on walking though I started to get tired and hungry. But I were not happy with the photos I’ve made, so I had to kept on walking. Until I made this shot.

Stop Building Skyscrapers

Time to go home and have filling lunch!

While I am writing this, I just realised that most of the photos is containing straight lines. Then so be it, this episode of FWPP is about line. I wonder there are so many lines in the city.