Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #4

I didn’t leave my house this weekend as I didn’t feel like going. I felt sad when because I couldn’t come to my best friend’s wedding. I felt bad for not coming to her once-in-a-lifetime moment. I had to push myself to take photos for this project. But I didn’t want to leave my room. I came up with an idea to photograph the statuette given by my Dutch friends, Lies and Niek, which is there on my table.

Dutch kiss

On Sunday morning,  j’ai fait la grasse matinée. I was having an exhausting weekdays. The first thing to do was to photograph something. When I opened the door, my eyes immediately fall on 2 kittens playing at the yard. I approached them quietly, but they were too timid and ran away. One of them returned and played near me, till I got some shots of it. I love this one very much.


So I spent the whole afternoon chasing for cats to make them my models. But that time it was difficult to spot a cat to be photographed. Usually there are many of them around the house. My luck finally came when I spot this teenage cat sleeping behind the house.

Having Siesta

To me cat paws are very cute. When the nails are in they are soft, but they can be sharp when it’s out. Nevertheless I just love them. I used to play with my cats and let them to scratch me. So that time back home, I rarely have smooth hands without having scars on them.