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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #3

I spent my weekend to do photo hunt session at Ragunan Zoo. Consequently most of the photos for this FWPP is of animals. However I also tried to do tricky panning technique for the first time, which now I love as much as shutter zoom technique.

Fading Life

Eagles aren’t meant to be kept in a cage. An eagle means to soar high in the sky. To play amongst the cloud, to chase the sun. Putting an eagle in a cage is like mutilating freedom itself.

Sensual Wagging Tail on Round Buttocks

Standing Bold, Ready to Save the World

I love the eye-catchy colour of the hydrant. The overall condition of this hydrant is good. Unfortunately many of hydrants aren’t that lucky to stay in their good shape to perform their duty.

Show Off

In the world of birds, it is the male ones who have flashy performance. It is they who are actively trying to get the attention of the ladies. In the world of Homo sapiens… it is the opposite mechanism that applies.

Make a Bow

Once upon a time there were 2 rings of this kind. The 2 rings supposed to bind 2 persons in a bow of love. However the course of life has brought the 2 rings to untie the bow. Yet the text engraved on it will remain forever. It reads:

“One ring to show our love,

One ring to bind us.

One ring to seal our love,

And forever entwine us.”

Now this ring, though losing its pair, is still radiating love. Love of life, love of He who gives life.


This horse needs to look attractive so that he can eat. He has to be pimped to attract people to hire the cart he’s carrying to feed its master. Even animals have to show their best appearance. Life oh life…


This picture was taken using panning technique. This was my first attempt and I was lucky enough to get it quite right.