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Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #2

Last weekend I went to Bandung to meet my family who has been there few days earlier. I took train Argo Parahyangan from Jakarta at 05:45.

I reached Bandung at 09:00. My mum, auntie and her grandsons, and my sisters have been waiting for me.

Sisterhood of Converse Sneakers

We directly headed to Kawah Putih in Ciwidey and arrived there at 13:00, which means we had foggy time at Kawah Putih. The best time to visit  Kawah Putih is before noon, before the fog comes down.

Kawah Putih

Mysteriously Beautiful

After Kawah Putih, we went to Situ Patenggang, a lake surrounded by lush green tea plantation.  The local legend of star-crossed lovers Prabu Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis adds attraction to the lake. Legend has it that the two lovers were separated and sought each other for many, many years. This “seeking” is called pateang-teang in Sundanese, and Patengan is though to derive from this word. It is said the tears that flowed from the lovers pooled to form the lake. Duh, the fog was thick we barely could see anything. However, as a result of curiosity, we took a boat to look closer Batu Cinta (love stone), a heart-shaped stone, where Santang and Rengganis were finally reunited.

Life: Sailing to the Unknown