Fun Weekend Photography Project: Week #1

Fun Weekend Photography Project (FWPP) is my personal project to improve my photography skill and to have fun. This programme has been started on the 26th June 2010, which makes it the 1st Weekend of my FWPP.

Here are some shots I made during the weekend.

This is my my friend, Ailsa, at CS Costume Party. I used a slow shutter speed (2.5 seconds) in combination with the flash. The technique is supposed to be called Slow Sync Flash. However, this photo is a product of camera shake as it was handheld, but the result is making the atmosphere around her dynamic.

Yet another photo from the CS Costume Party. I love this accident while taking this photo. Because the place was very dimly lit and I didn’t use tripod, I couldn’t avoid camera shake. But the result was awesome as you can see that Ivonne is becoming transparent. you can see the pavement and the bar behind her.

This one is taken at Four Seasons Hotel’s rest room. Basically I practiced on controlling aperture and auto white balance. In this photo I used the aperture of 5.6.

This lamp was at the lobby of Four Seasons Hotel where I had to wait for the distinguished guests to come. I used shutter zoom technique for this shot. A technique I enjoyed to play with.