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Shutter zoom is an easy photography technique which can change the result of your shots. I believe you’ll get lot of fun playing with this technique as I do have fun doing shoots with it.

How to do it?

To do this shoot you’ll need a DSLR or hybrid camera with a zoom lens (I have only one lens at this moment. It’s 18-55mm and it’s working good enough for this technique). First thing to do is to set your ISO as low as possible and a small aperture of around f22 for a longer exposure (mind the light and whether you use tripod or handhold your camera). Focus on a subject position the subject in the centre of your frame.

Zoom out your lens as far as possible. As soon as you hit the shutter use your left hand to scroll the lens back in. Check the results and experiment with the speed at which you zoom in to create different effects. Also try starting with the zoom as wide as possible and during the exposure zoom in to your subject for a variation of results.

Have fun experimenting!