Have We not caused thy bosom to dilate,
and eased thee of the burden,
which weighed down thy back;
And exalted thy fame?
But lo! with hardship goeth ease,
Lo! with hardship goeth ease;
So when thou art relieved, still toil.
And strive to please thy Lord.

Human beings have faced hardship since they came to this world. So have I. I have gone through different things which pulled me down, made me bleed, hurt me, etc. But when I looked back to those painful moments, I have always found good things that followed them.

So indeed, God doesn’t gives us trials and hardships without giving more solaces and eases for us to get through the difficulties. So now, every time I find difficulty on my path, I’ll just try my best to work on it and leave everything back to God as I believe He has plans for me.