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Saturday, 8 May 2010, some friends and I went to Taman Safari Cisarua in Bogor. It was my second time visiting it, but was the first time doing it in backpacker’s way, which is fun I must say.

The journey started very early in the morning when I had to wake around 4 am to have some breakfast and get myself ready. We made plan to take the economy AC train of 7.29 am from Jakarta Kota to Bogor. To check the schedule of KRL Jabodetabek click here.

5.15 am: I was walking from home to Ragunan

5.25 am: I took Transjakarta bus from Ragunan – Dukuh Atas – Kota. Believe it or not it took me only one hour to reach Kota, whereas the normal time is around 2 hours.

6.30 am: Already in Kota. I was waiting for Ivonne to come because she was the only one to take the train with me from Kota. The others took it from Manggarai.

7.00 am: I tried to call Ivonne, but she didn’t pick up.

7.15 am: Ivonne hadn’t shown up yet. I started to get nervous as we would miss the train.

7.23 am: An Indian  guy approached me and asked me whether I was originally from Semarang. He said I looked like her secretary who resigned sometime ago. After asking me if I could speak English, he started to blabber about his business in textile industry. I didn’t feel comfortable with this chit chat as he began asking me to work for him and asking me my mobile number.

7.29 am: Ivonne’s sms saved me! She said she just arrived. However, we missed the train…

7.32 am: I didn’t see Ivonne everywhere.

7.39 am: I got a call from Ivonne saying that she was on Economy train which was about to depart. She asked me where I was. I was right in front of the ticket counters and I didn’t even see her buying ticket!!

7.42 am: I bought ticket for Economy AC to Bogor which cost me Rp. 5,500. Ivonne came to meet me at the ticket counters and changed her ticket of Economy (it costs Rp 1,500) with Economy AC one. But now we had to wait for the next train which would depart at 8.22 am.

8.05 am: Ilia started to call Ivonne wondering whether we had been on the train. Ilia and Joy were waiting at Manggarai train station.

8.15 am: Ilia and Joy decided to take the train and would wait for us at Bogor train station.

8.22 am: Finally boarding on the train. To my surprise, the train was clean and decent. I thought that Economy AC means I had to sit with chicken, goats, etc. This train is used train bought from Japan. Even inside the coach, there are Japanese signs.

9.22 am: Arrived in Bogor. Ilia, Joy and Friska had been there. Aftter asking some people how to reach Taman Safari by public transport, we decided to take Mikrolet 02 until Sukasari (rp. 2,000). From Sukasari we took another Mikrolet to Cisarua (Rp. 5,000), then another Mikrolet to Taman Safari (Rp. 3,000).

1.00 pm: We finally arrived at Taman Safari. It was raining. We decided to have lunch first before taking the bus which would take us around. I brought only snacks and bread. Ivonne shared her food with me; Ambonese acar and some rice. The acar was good! The colour was yellow and it was with rebung (young bamboo). Very different than

1.15 pm: Ivonne asked for the special bus. It looked like a Triceratops. And…. we got it!!! The whole bus was only for the five of us. The driver was very friendly. He threw some jokes and explained to us many things related to animals we saw.

Inside the park the first site we visited was Bird park which leads to Baby Zoo where we could take pictures  with baby animals. There was one big leopard with which Friska would like to take photos. It seemed the leopard was pretty tired and got grumpy. He almost bit Friska’s arm. It was so close… From Baby Zoo we went to see some shows and aquarium.

6.00 pm: We were leaving Taman Safari as we had to catch the last train from Bogor to Jakarta at 9 pm.

9.00 pm: In the train it was very cold. We played card brought by Ivonne, while Ilia was sleeping as she didn’t feel well. However, I had to be cautious as there was no announcement when the train reached each station. Again and again I had to search for the sign when every time the train stopped at a station.

10.00 pm: We arrived at Manggarai train station where I supposed to take Kopaja 66 and then Kopaja 20 to go home.

11.30 pm: I arrived home, tired but happy 🙂