The poem below was made by a very good friend few years back. It was the first poem specially made for me by someone.

An e-mail from a far away country surprised me.
You randomly chose me from a website.
Unknown what to expect I replied,

Replies came over and over again, you asked me to see the differences between our countries myself, and…
Indonesia became my new destination.
Zones of time I’ve passed with an iron bird in the sky… miles to travel on my own.
Kiki is the name of the girl I should meet there.
Incredible things we’ve done and seen in a too-short time.

Amusing, nakal, cantik and a guide are a few words to describe you.
MosQQ became your new nickname…
All because of a bite in a car.
Like you, I started to see similarities between us.
I never knew I would find a best friend like you on the other side of the planet.
And I hope our friendship will last for years and years more.

17 February 2006